1. Visit with a local Chapter: Once you’ve found a Chapter near you, ask about some fun events that you may attend. It’s helpful to get to know the members and learn more about the organization. The Chapter’s business meetings are normally “members only” but social events may be available for you to attend as a guest.

2. Obtain an application for membership: The application will ask for some basic information about you, and needs to be signed by two members of DeMolay recommending you for membership, and by your parents to give permission for you to join. As you get to know some of the members of your local Chapter they’ll be able to sign for you.

3. Submit your application: Your application will need to be accompanied by your induction fee. Membership fees are set by local Chapters, so ask your Chapter how much is due. You can be provided more information upon request about application fees.

4. Formal acceptance: From the time you express interest in DeMolay membership, your local Chapter will likely welcome you at many of their events. Before you can be formally made a member, however, your application must be acted upon by the members. Representatives of the Chapter will ask to meet with you and your parents before the Chapter votes to make you a member.

5. Reception into DeMolay: DeMolay maintains many impressive traditions. Among them are the formal ceremonies (“degrees”) for receiving new members. Your local Chapter may confer these ceremonies locally or offer you an opportunity to take the DeMolay “obligations” immediately and see the full ceremonies later. Your parents and other adult relatives over 21 will be most welcome at the induction ceremony.

Within Alberta there are 3 Chapters, or 'clubs' of DeMolay, these being Aurora Chapter, Edmonton Chapter, and Stampede Chapter.

All of the Chapters have bi-weekly meetings (With the exception of July and August) used to conduct business, plan, and reflect upon the successes or failures of previous activities:

- Aurora Chapter meets at 7:30 PM at the Cold Lake Masonic Hall (1006 10 ST) in Cold Lake on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. 

- Edmonton Chapter meets at 7:30 PM at Highlands Masonic Hall (5526 118th Ave NW) in Edmonton on the first and third Fridays of each month.

- Stampede Chapter meets at 7:30 PM at Calgary Freemason's Hall (330 12th Ave SW) on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

We teach skills that make the better men and better citizens of tomorrow, today. Our young men are equipped to face any challenges by being prepared in advance, and being clear in their thought and understanding.

The Alberta DeMolay Association is the jurisdictional body that helps the Chapters of Alberta be successful.  In addition, the roles of the ADA Master Councillor and ADA Deputy Master Councillor are to guide the boys in their work and aid them whenever possible.

ADA is responsible for keeping the Chapters connected to each other, and planning annual events like Workshop and Convention, which are designed to educate the members and bring them closer together:

-Workshop is a fun weekend event held during the month of February yearly and hosts activities like football and team-building.  This is more of a brotherhood based event with many activities designed around comradeship and fun.

-Convention is a far more serious event on a weekend in September or October. The dates vary but fall within these months.  Awards, special presentations, and leadership seminars are the focus of this event.

We teach leadership by taking the boys in our chapters and placing them in progressively more important roles, guiding them to become examples to their peers and step into the mantle of responsibility.

How do YOU get involved?


DeMolay creates an environment where the boys can be comfortable and become increasingly more productive in their work, helping them to build the mental fortitude needed for any future careers, endeavors or goals.