Alger, Harry

Austin, Roy*

Baker, Robert S.

Balanecki, Dwayne

Bjerrisgaard, Holger

Brace, Jim

Brown, Bernie

Brown, William

Campbell, Bill

Cartledge, Lloyd

Chartrand, Elwood*

Chisholm, Chris

Coggles, Brian

Collett, Dr. W.J.

Costigan, Bob

Cowan, Harry

Disler, Bob

Dunkerly, Brian

Easton, George

Edgelow, Bruce

Evans, Jim

Fallis, Robert*

Forsyth, Vere*

Hendrickson, Arnold

Hiron, Gordon*

Horen, Fred

House, Darly

​Howard, Harry*

​Howard, Walter

Alberta DeMolay Legionnaires

Maitland, Mike
​Marriott, Robert

Matthews, Keith

McDonald, Wayne

McMullan, Ed

McPhee, W. Lloyd

Miller, John

Miller, Kent

Monson, Ken

Norton, J.A.

​Olson, Stanley

Owens, Fergie

​Paterno, Mark

Parkinson, S.J.

Paylor, Wally*

Porter, Marshall M*

Pruett, Tom Sr.*

Sanders, Donald

Slade, John

Tainsh, Bruce

Thompson, Kevin

Treacy, Glenn

Turton, Ted*

Vandersluys, Jack

Wagar, Brad

White, Bill

​White, Glenn

White, Ken*

​Wingham, William

Hunter, Ed

Jacques, Dennis*
Jacques, Vincent*

​​Kendal, Dr. Phil*

Long, Allan

Long, Ken

The Legion of Honour is the highest honour conferred by DeMolay Canada. This honour is conferred on a Senior DeMolay for outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor or for success in fraternal life, including adult service to DeMolay. Nominees must be over 25 years of age before January 15th of the nominating year. No one may apply for this distinction, and a nominee, or the membership of a Chapter, must have no knowledge of the recommendation by the Advisory Council. Failure to observe secrecy in making this nomination subjects the nominee to penalty of not being considered.

Legion of Honour